Viking Specialty Supply distinguishes itself as a leading raw materials trading entity, fortified by an adept freight and logistics infrastructure. With an annual movement exceeding 30,000 truckloads, we leverage this substantial volume to negotiate advantageous rates, passing on these savings to our customers. Committed to ensuring the integrity of your shipments, we provide comprehensive services such as pallet wrapping and bracing, further reinforcing our dedication to the secure and efficient transportation of goods. Much like the detrimental impact recurrent delivery delays can have on a business’s reputation, we understand the importance of punctuality and reliability in freight and logistics operations. At Viking Specialty Supply, our steadfast commitment to timely deliveries not only ensures customer satisfaction but also bolsters operational efficiency for our clients in today’s fiercely competitive market. Trust us to be your dependable and trusted partner in the seamless movement of your products.


Effective risk management stands as the linchpin to sustained success, and at Viking Specialty Supply, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to mitigate potential challenges. Our dedicated risk management team employs proactive strategies to identify, assess, and mitigate risks throughout the supply chain. By staying abreast of market fluctuations, regulatory changes, and geopolitical considerations, we fortify our ability to make informed decisions that safeguard the interests of our clients. Our commitment extends beyond mere risk avoidance as we strive to create resilient and adaptive systems, ensuring continuity in the face of unforeseen challenges. Trust Viking Specialty Supply to navigate the complexities of risk management, helping create a secure and stable environment for you.


Quality assurance stands as the priority of Viking Specialty Supply’s commitment to delivering the best in every facet of our raw materials operations. Upholding to our highest standards, our quality assurance protocols are woven into the fabric of our processes, ensuring that the products we source and distribute meet the highest industry benchmarks. From the initial stages of procurement to the final delivery, our dedicated quality assurance team conducts thorough inspections, adhering to strict criteria and industry regulations. By integrating advanced testing methods and cutting-edge technologies, we guarantee the consistency and integrity of our products. Viking Specialty Supply is unwavering in its dedication to providing our clients with ingredients of the utmost quality, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in the industry. Partner with us to elevate the quality benchmarks of your supply chain and secure the reliability and excellence your business deserves.


Viking Specialty Supply prides itself on an inventory management system strategically designed to optimize efficiency across our multiple domestic locations. Our approach ensures a seamless flow of ingredients, from procurement to storage and distribution. With strategically positioned warehouses, we guarantee timely accessibility to our inventory, reducing lead times and enhancing overall supply chain agility. Utilizing inventory tracking, we monitor stock levels, enabling accurate forecasting and proactive replenishment strategies. This management not only minimizes the risk of stockouts but also maximizes cost-effectiveness through optimal stock levels. At Viking Specialty Supply, our commitment to detailed inventory management is priority to meeting the dynamic demands in the industry. Trust us to provide a streamlined and responsive inventory solution, ensuring your business maintains a competitive edge in the marketplace.


We pride ourselves on doing what we say we will do. Honesty, integrity and accountability are traits that differentiate us from our competition. Email us now or give us a call to discuss what Viking can do for your business.

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