Viking Specialty Supply operates as a division within Gopher Mats, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Forest City Trading Group, LLC family of companies. Forest City Trading Group, LLC stands as one of North America’s preeminent commodity supply firms, boasting annual revenues exceeding $6 billion. Our primary objective is to deliver enhanced value and knowledge to our customers. We achieve this mission through our wealth of industry and product expertise, the safe and secure distribution of goods in a timely manner, and unwavering communication.


At Viking Specialty Supply, we excel through three core principles: dedication to top-quality raw materials, building trust through transparent communication, and offering customizable solutions to meet unique production needs. We are not just a raw materials trading company; we are your strategic partner for lasting success in production.


Viking Specialty Supply proudly serves a diverse portfolio of markets. Our commitment to excellence spans across these industries, providing high-quality raw materials and leveraging strategic partnerships to ensure competitive pricing and a consistent supply chain. As a reliable partner, we understand and cater to the unique requirements of each market, fostering success and satisfaction for our valued clients.


Viking is committed to being a responsible, sustainable supplier.  From green chemistry to energy efficiency and our impact on natural resources, we believe in being good stewards for our earth.

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We pride ourselves on doing what we say we will do. Honesty, integrity and accountability are traits that differentiate us from our competition. Email us now or give us a call to discuss what Viking can do for your business.

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