Viking Specialty Supply is a division of Gopher Mats, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary in the Forest City Trading Group, LLC family of companies – one of the largest commodity supply companies in North America with annual revenues over $6 billion. Our goal is to bring value to our chemical supplier partnerships and our customers through industry and product knowledge, liquidity, safe, secure and timely distribution and constant communication. Interested in becoming a Viking Specialty Supply partner? Please contact us.


Meet our dynamic sales team, the driving force behind our success. With extensive knowledge of ingredients, a keen understanding of market trends, and a dedication to building enduring relationships, our team is committed to delivering exceptional service. We navigate the complexities of the food supply chain and chemical markets with precision, tailoring top-notch solutions to meet your unique needs.

Cole Konrad

Konrad@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7823

Matt Beeler

Matt@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7864

Annie Larson

Annie@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7893

Seth Lange

Seth@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7818

Joe Uter

Joe@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7886

Manny Rivera

Manny@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-2803

Blake Olson

Blake@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7862

Greg Brosig

GregB@VikingSpecialtySupply.com (952) 567-7869

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With a customer base spread throughout North America, Viking has strategic storage facilities to accommodate customers regardless of location.

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We pride ourselves on doing what we say we will do. Honesty, integrity and accountability are traits that differentiate us from our competition. Email us now or give us a call to discuss what Viking can do for your business.

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